Colintraive & Glendaruel Community Council invite residents to give their views on second and holiday homes

The Colintraive and Glendaruel Community Council are holding a special discussion for local residents in order to hear their views on the building of new properties, and the sale of existing properties, as second or holiday homes.

The discussion will take place as part of the ordinary Community Council Meeting to be held in the Colintraive Village Hall  at 7.30 pm on Monday 3rd April.

Speaking after the February meeting of the Community Council had decided on the initiative, Charles Dixon -Spain the CGCC Convener said :

The Community Council as a statutory consultee sees applications for a range of developments including new build holiday homes. We are also aware of the increasing purchase of local properties by people who will only occupy them for short periods during the year.   

“We want to see a thriving tourist economy in our area but we are also aware of the pressure on existing housing stock and a growth in new build for holiday rental which can affect the provision of local services , price properties way out of reach of  local people, especially local young people , whilst not contributing to the long term benefit of the community.

“Accordingly we would like to hear from local residents about these matters so that we can develop a policy for the community council which is informed by local views. 

“There is no magic answer to these pressures which are being experienced across Scotland and in much of rural England and Wales as well. However I am sure we all want to secure sustainable communities in this area which balance  the welcome presence of visitors with the needs of full time residents  and which, in so doing, can secure local services such as the school, the post office and current bus links.
“We will therefore devote much of our meeting in April to this topic and we hope local people will turn out and take part in a positive and courteous discussion of this important topic.”


CGCC AGM 2022-23 on 5th June @ Colintraive

The Community Council will be holding its AGM for 2022-23 at 7.30pm on 5th June at Colintraive Village Hall.


CGCC AGM 2021-22 on 13th March @ 7.30pm, Glen Hall

The community council gives notice that the AGM for the year ending March 2022 will be held on the 13th March at 7.30pm at the Glendaruel Village Hall. After the AGM the CC will conduct a normal meeting.

Agenda and minutes (as published elsewhere on this site) from the last AGM attached below. Other paperwork, if required, will be published here.

Agenda for the subsequent normal meeting of the CC


Next CC Meeting 20th Feb @ 7.30 pm Colintraive Village Hall

Agenda below and minutes of previous meeting available on the minutes page as draft.


Community Council Meeting on 9th Jan. at 7.30, Glen Hall

The freshly inaugurated Council will be meeting on Monday, 9th January, at 7.30pm, Glendaruel Village Hall. All welcome.

Meeting documents given below, including minutes of the last meeting in August 2022, and the notes from our Cost Of Living Consultation at the end of last September. Also included is the agenda and a note of the Milton Wood offer by Bute Estates. A planning summary will also be addended to this post when it is ready.


Cost of Living Meeting Cancelled

Due the Community Council being inquorate and illness within the Resilience Group it is with regret that the Second Cost Of Living Meeting on 17th of October at the Glen Hall has been cancelled.

The Resilience Group will announce an alternate date as soon as possible.


Community Council By-Election Announced

Unfortunately only three community councillors were returned after the recent elections which means the Community Council cannot conduct business until a by-election has been held on 15th December. The community council is therefore looking for candidates to put themselves forward by the 3rd November.

The nomination pack is available here:



To discuss what can be done for households, organisations and businesses during this difficult time
AGENDA will include:
● Cost of Living Household payment for permanent residents
● Help with Heating
● Community Electric Bus
● Commuity Resilience
● Ensuring Community Assets are Financially Secure
● How local businesses can be helped

The Community Council will hold two meetings*:
7.30pm, 26th September at the Colintraive Village Hall
To discuss ideas and consult
7.30pm, 17th October at the Glendaruel Village Hall
To feedback on progress and results

Residents are encouraged to come to both meetings to Contribute ideas and help move initiatives forward.

If you can’t make it, please email
With your questions & ideas!

In association with the Resilience Group, CGDT and the Cruach Mhor Windfarm Trust


Community Council Elections Called for 20th October 2022


Until Thursday 8th  September at 4pm, the Returning Officer (RO) will be in a position to accept nomination form for Community Councillors for the Colintraive and Glendaruel Community Council.  The forms can be returned by post to the Returning Officer, Kilmory, Lochgilphead, PA31 8RT, by hand to the same address, or by emailing to  The guidance notes in the nomination pack make reference to the possibility that your proposer and seconder may need to email separately to confirm that they support your nomination where it is not possible to have wet signatures on nomination forms returned by email.  

If you have any questions about the election process then please do feel free to get in touch with

The Community Council does have paper copies of the nomination pack, but recommends emailing nominations in the first place. Do get in touch via this website if you would like to know more about becoming a community councillor.


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