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Weekly Quiz

Here are your weekly Quiz sheets, just for fun. I have included one suitable for youngsters. The answers will be posted a week on Friday. Enjoy!!!!!

Quiz sheets week starting 9 November 2020
Name the meals
Cryptic Television
Chocolate Quiz

Quiz sheets week starting 2 November 2020
Famous Dogs
Missing Vowels – Sit-Coms
Nursery Rhyme Characters



Food Boxes

The Resilience Group issued a Visitor Covid-19 Newsletter

The Resilience Group issued its 3rd Resilience Newsletter

The Resilience Group volunteers will be delivering our second resilience newsletter to the community in the next few days, but it can be downloaded here.

This issue includes:

* Updates on Deliveries and the Group’s Activities
* Invite to Thursday night Quiz next Thursday night.
* Details on claiming a food box
* News on community coronavirus response including activities for younger members of the community

You can download the Wilderness Walks & Activities Resource Sian
McGhee created can be downloaded here in pdf format
or here in MS Word format


We welcome the news confirming that the ColGlen Resilience Group, through the Colintraive & Glendaruel Development Trust acting as anchor organisation, has secured funding from the Scottish Government, via Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), to support the communities of Colintraive and Glendaruel during the COVID-19 crisis, from the Supporting Communities Fund.

HIE is distributing the Supporting Communities Fund in the Highlands and Islands, on behalf of the Scottish Government, for all eligible community anchor organisations, who play an active role in providing services within communities across the region.

Through this funding we are being supported to deliver our community’s response to the COVID-19 emergency.

Next week, we will be distributing the first food boxes enabled by this funding as well as the ColGlen Resilience Newsletter – which can be downloaded here as well.

Food Supply

In order to help the community access a stable and regular supply of food and supplies, we are now working with a number of local suppliers to provide a food delivery/collection service that will allow members of the community to receive food deliveries at home and avoid the need to travel to Dunoon, Rothesay or Tighnabruaich. Such shopping trips are costly, time consuming and, most importantly, expose members of our community to potential infection. The following food delivery/collection services will be available

The Co-op in Dunoon is now organised for deliveries to ColGlen. Deliveries will be Thursday, depending on number of orders, from 10am – 8pm. They cannot take payment over the phone. They will take payment on delivery. Cash only – they will round up to the nearest ten £’s and put change in an envelope.
Orders by emailto – if you don’t have access to email please ask someone to email order for you shop.
Phone number
Shopping list – underline if you will take a subsitution
Please submit orders by Tuesday 4pm.

Fynest Fish In order to provide customers with a contact free and safe delivery service they have created an online shop . Delivery days and areas are specified on the website. Orders can be placed from today and first orders will be delivered week commencing 20/4/2020. Please be advised that the deadline for placing an order is SUNDAY 1PM. Orders placed after the deadline will not be delivered until the following week.

The Great British Food Hub in Dunoon also delivers to Colglen fopr a £3.- charge

Loch Fyne local home delivery has an extensive range of fresh and smoked fish, fresh oysters, dairy products, flour, pasta, meat, fresh fruit & vegetables, wines, beers, spirits and other essential items for delivery in Cowal.

Shellfield Farm Nikki & Fraser launched a range of homemade farm2fork frozen ready meals for safe home delivery to your doorstep. These will be sold as single or 2 person portions with prices starting at £5.50 and £8.50. Initial recipes are Beef Bourguignon, Cottage Pie, Veggie Shepherds Pie and Fish Pie, with more to be added in the future. Please contact on 07799 137779 or to join their mailing list.

Colintraive Hotel Clare has offered to take orders from the community and place them with her suppliers. Orders can be collected from the hotel at a pre-arranged time slot or delivered to your door. Orders placed by 5pm Sunday will be ready for collection/delivery on the following Friday. To place an order, please call Clare on 01700 841207. To make the process as efficient and cost effective as possible, only one brand of each product will be available, depending on supply chain capacity. New items will be added over the next few weeks. Below an order form which can be used to order over the phone or emailed. An online ordering form will be available soon. Clare can also order meat from McQueens in Rothesay and venison from Winston Churchill to avoid multiple delivery charges
updated shop list in xls format
updated shop list in pdf format

Nikki and Clare have both offered to set up accounts to make payment easier as we would like to avoid the use of cash for safety reasons. Payment can be made over the phone or by bank transfer.

Our aim in setting up this arrangement is twofold. Firstly, we feel it is vital that the community has a secure, safe and cost effective supply of food and groceries for the next few weeks and months. Secondly, it is important that we support our local businesses. We feel that this initiative helps achieve both.

If you have prescriptions that need to be collected, let us know and we can co-ordinate pickup and drop off. Tighnabruaich surgery prescriptions will be delivered.

If you have any questions about this service please contact one of our Community Resilience Volunteers

Other shops

Please see below a list of the shops that have agreed to send goods out to ColGlen via West Coast motors. There is no charge for this service.

Dae It Yersel (01369 702514)

Walkers (Mica) (0136 9704003 ext1)

Wrights Hardware (01369 702942) – needs to be ordered by the weekend

Boots Chemist

Right Medicine Pharmacy (01369 7021257)

Argyll Vintners (01369 70 7911) only open Thur, Fri, Sat but will make up an order and open briefly on Wednesday to give to West Coast Motors driver.

Eco Health Store (01369 705106)

Bute and Cowal Vets (01369 702532)

1. If you wish to place an order you need to contact shop to order and pay – they will accept payment over phone.
2. Make clear to shop that they need to mark clearly who it is for and whether it is for Colintraive or Glendaruel.
3. You then need to inform either Danuta Steedman (01700841329), Davie Munro (01369820199) or Cathleen Russell (01369820319) that you have placed an order and with which shops for the above list by Monday 5pm.
4. Orders will then be delivered on Wednesdays and you will be given a time slot to collect from Glen Hall or trailer at Ardachuple Farm entrance. If you need them delivered because you are self isolating please let Davie, Danuta or Cathleen know so they can arrange for a volunteer to deliver to you.
5. You are asked when collecting your goods to keep appropriate distance and wait until volunteer signals to you to collect your goods.

Community help

Dear Community Member,

The next few weeks/months will be difficult for the country as Covid-19 spreads. Both the UK and Scottish Governments are putting things in place to try and slow down the spread but we as a community can also help to slow the spread down by helping those who fall ill, have to self-isolate or are vulnerable.

If you or a family member show symptoms and have to self isolate or if you are vulnerable we can help. Contact one of the numbers below and one of our volunteers will help you by:

• Collecting and delivering your shopping to your door
• Collecting and delivering medicines
• Chatting to you on the phone
• Urgent supplies

Something everyone can do:

• Phone your immediate neighbours every couple of days to check they are okay.

As the virus spreads people will become more isolated and it is important that we keep in contact and look after each other.

To get a volunteer to contact you phone our volunteers follow the instructions in the Covid-19 leaflet


Tighnabruaich Surgery
UPDATE 27th March 2020

Please note the new changes below to our Prescription Services.

APPOINTMENTS (Unchanged): Telephone 01700 811207

Appointments will continue to be made by calling the surgery and you will be offered an initial telephone appointment with the doctor or nurse. It may be decided by the doctor or nurse that you do need to come in to the surgery to be seen. You will be given a time that is safe to do so.

Please call before 11am for an appointment that day as you would normally. This allows the doctors and nurse to triage and plan their appointments appropriately. The more information you can give when booking, the easier it is to triage.

We also hope to offer video consultations with software called NearMe at some point in the near future. We will let you know more about this service when it becomes available.


We are now making further changes to how you request and receive your prescriptions.

Please request your prescription by 12:00 noon at least 1 week before you need it. This is for various reasons.

• It give us time to order and prepare your prescriptions given some supply shortages and changes to our supply chains
• There have been changes to ferry times, so all our drug orders now arrive in the afternoon
• You will now receive 2 months worth of medication to reduce the need for people to come out as often.

You can REQUEST a prescription in the following ways:

1 EMAIL (Preferred Option) to
– Either photograph your completed request form and send it as an attachment
– Type out in full what items you would like including drug strengths

– We will confirm your request once we receive it

2 TELEPHONE (for those with no internet access) Tel: 01700 811207.
– Please call between 10.30am and 12.30pm to request by telephone. This is a time consuming option for staff as we try to ensure safe practices. We also need to keep the early mornings for appointment calls only, thank you.

NB In line with updated pharmacy guidance we are NO LONGER able to accept paper prescription requests. Please DO NOT post any further requests to us.


New pharmacy guidance is that all prescriptions are to be delivered to patients directly, reducing the number of people out and about as well as the number of people coming to the surgery who are well.

We have local volunteer groups who are set up and ready deliver scripts for us. Some people have used these services already and it is working very well.

Therefore, unless you inform us otherwise we will automatically deliver your prescription once it is ready. We hope that as many as possible will make use of the delivery service as this is the best way to keep everyone well.

Please note also that any mail posted in our external post box cannot be opened for 24 hours.

Once again, THANK YOU all for understanding the need for the above measures. These will help towards keeping everyone safe and well in our patient community.

Telephone: 01700 811207


Scotland Cares

A&B Council

Bin collections go back to three weekly cycle

The council is taking its first step to going back to the normal cycles of bin and recycling collections – three weekly for general domestic waste and two weekly for blue bin/bag recycling.
From the week beginning 22 June

If you live in Dunoon and Cowal, Mid Argyll, Tarbert, Oban and Lorn, Coll, Colonsay, Tiree, Lismore and Helensburgh and Lomond, your normal schedule for general waste and blue bins will restart during the week beginning 22 June. You will be able to check what date your bins go out, one the website from 19 June.

Argyll and Bute Council news round-up – 29 May 2020

Welcome to Argyll and Bute Council’s weekly news round-up. Thank you for reading it. If you have ideas on how we could make it more useful for you, we’d love to hear them. Please let us know by emailing

Civic amenity sites reopen on 1 June
Civic amenity sites around Argyll and Bute will re-open on 1 June.
Centres are likely to be very busy for the first few days. We would ask residents to use them only if it is absolutely necessary until the initial demand has died down, otherwise you may have to wait in queues to use the sites.
When we re-open our sites, there will be a number of changes to normal operations. There are some limits on how you can use the sites and the things you can take there. There will also be special traffic management plans at some of the sites. The sites will go back to normal operations, with all the usual recycling options, as soon as it is safe to do so – we hope no later than a fortnight after opening.
Before you go, please read details of traffic plans and what you can, and can’t take , to your local site.
There will be no change to the two-weekly bin collection schedule at the moment. We are making plans to get back to our normal service of waste and recycling collections and we will let you know in plenty of time when it is about to happen.

Coronavirus News
Lockdown update 28 May 2020: The message remains ‘stay local’ as the Scottish Government announces some changes to lockdown restrictions. While some lockdown restrictions on outdoor activities are easing from Friday 29th May, all Loch Lomond National Park visitor facilities will remain closed.
Vital role for Council digital communication: Many services and organisations are having to develop new ways of working as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. With more people working from home, the use of digital communications has never been more important in maintaining vital services.
St Columba’s pupils are cooking up a success: Pupils from St Columba’s Primary School in Oban have been putting their culinary skills to the test over the last few weeks, creating delicious food for a lockdown charity recipe book.
Test and protect rolled out in Scotland: Anyone in Scotland aged 5 or over, who is self-isolating because they are showing symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), can be tested


Coronavirus Caring for People Helpline Service

We have been asked by partners in NHS Highland to bring to your attention the Emotional Support Pathway in place to assist people during the Coronavirus outbreak. The information I’ve been asked to bring to your attention is as follows:

One of the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak is on our emotional wellbeing. The Caring for People Partnership has developed support pathways to support people who may be feeling anxious/have low mood or those who are feeling lonely and/or isolated. There are two main areas of support:
1. Keeping in Touch telephone support from community volunteers.
2. Emotional support conversations with trained co-ordinators to match people in need of help with the best service.

The pathways can be used for people to access support for themselves and they also have a referral route for anyone worried to make a referral on someone else’s behalf.

This activity has been co-ordinated by the Caring for People Tactical Partnership that is made up of the HSCP, Council and Third Sector Interface.

More information and referral routes can be found here

Below information on Argyll and Bute’s Caring for People Helpline to support people needing assistance during the coronavirus emergency, which may be of some use within your communities.
Caring for peope utube video help
Caring for People helpline overview
Caring for People Helpline pathway

For help with Financial; Business; Health; Education; Registration; Social, Domestic and Medical Homecare Needs and volunteering. Read more about this new service.
01546 605524 – open 9am to 5pm, Mon-Fri
Please leave this line open for vulnerable people who may not be able to help themselves if you have other options.
An online help form is also available.

Coronavirus – help and advice is the A&B Council page providing guidance and updates on changes to services as they arise, and share information that may be of use to you.

Gas – Electricity – water emergency

Emergency Numbers For Gas Electricity Water Supplies
Alert message sent 14/04/2020 12:28:00 on behalf of Neighbourhood Watch Scotland

After a family incident late last night that involved a gas leak in a house. I thought it might be useful to send you the emergency numbers for gas, electricity and water for Scotland. These numbers are manned 24 hours 7 days a week and will respond to whichever emergency you have. In the current climate it is difficult to know what services are working and which are not add the additional difficulty of attending can make it difficult to help. Having these numbers at hand might be just the thing you need

The good news is that the gas leak was reported and the emergency engineer attended within 45 minutes and made the house safe.


National Gas Emergency Tel 0800 111999


North of Scotland
Scottish & Southern Energy Networks Tel 0800 300999

Central & Southern Scotland
Scottish Power Energy Networks Tel 0800 0929290

National Power Cut Number Tel 105


Scottish Water 0800 0778778

I hope you never need these numbers but find them useful if you do.
Message sent by
Mark Armstrong (NHWN, Community Support Officer, NW Scotland)


CalMac introduces Essential Lifeline Timetable in light of Covid-19 outbreak

West Coast Ferry Operator CalMac is introducing an Essential Lifeline Timetable from tomorrow (Friday 27 March) as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The new reduced timetable, which will run for an initial three-week period, comes amidst a lockdown on all but essential travel across the whole of the UK. It will be subject to continual review in a rapidly changing environment, but they believe it is sustainable with their current crews.

All islands will receive a regular lifeline service ensuring essential goods and services are delivered.

CalMac were due to transfer from their winter timetable to their normal summer timetable tomorrow but this revised timetable will come into effect instead.

In the last few days passengers on the entire service were down by 85%, cars by 75% and commercial traffic by 45%. In 2019 daily passenger numbers at the end of March were around 9,500, currently they are at 1,500 and these are expected to drop further. CalMac has also seen 8,000 bookings cancelled through their small dedicated contact centre teams compared to just 300 in the same period last year.

This new timetable will see weekly sailings drop from 2419 to 948 against the normal winter timetable – a drop of almost 61%.

‘We believe that this timetable will be able to maximise use of available crews for the vessels and continue to provide our vital lifeline service for communities, said CalMac’s Managing Director Robbie Drummond.

“These are extreme times for businesses across Scotland, the UK and indeed the world. As this virus spreads there is the chance that pressure on crewing may require us to make further changes. In this eventuality, we will work to our agreed Route Prioritisation Matrix to ensure that all Islands receive a service. We are in daily contact with the Scottish Government and Health Protection Scotland to ensure we are on top of all the latest advice and guidance.”

“Given the lockdown from the Government that has made travel essential only, we think this new timetable is one that best suits the needs of the communities we support,’ added Robbie.

“It is important that we continue to provide ferries that can take vital goods and services to our island communities and transport people who have essential travel needs. Community groups and key hauliers have been consulted to ensure that the supply chains can be maintained.”

CalMac last week announced that it was not taking any new advanced bookings on any of its routes until at least a travel date of 15 July. It has also stopped selling any food, drink or retail on board any of its vessels.

Staff at the CalMac contact centres have been swamped by a large number of calls and are having to reduce their numbers to accommodate absence. Refunds for cancelled sailings are being offered online only in a bid to relieve pressure on the centres.


Bus services are changing because of the Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak. Service 918, 926 and 976 will operate to a reduced timetable as of Monday 23 March. All other local bus services across Argyll and Bute will operate to a school holiday timetable from that date onwards as a result of the schools closing. Further details can be found via the individual bus operator’s website and social media.

Neighbourhood Alerts

For the alerts issued by Neighborhood Watch, please consult our special covid-19 page for these alerts

CGCC Meetings

Dear Community Members

Following advice today about Covid-19 the Community Council has cancelled all meetings for the foreseeable future. The Community Councillors will continue to meet via an online conference app. If you have any issues you wish us to take up on your behalf or have any questions, you can do so by using our online form. We will post any information that we get get on our Facebook pages and on our website. Please take care and look after your health so that we can look after the health of our community.

Resilience survey Colglen

Many of residents in ColGlen will have received a paper version of this survey in the Spring 2020 newsletter. For those who need more copies or who haven’t received the survey, please find the downloadable and printable Resilience Survey