Doctors Surgeries


Tel: 01700 811207

Appointments will continue to be made by calling the surgery and you will be offered an initial telephone appointment with the doctor or nurse. It may be decided by the doctor or nurse that you do need to come in to the surgery to be seen. You will be given a time that is safe to do so.

Please call before 11am for an appointment that day as you would normally. This allows the doctors and nurse to triage and plan their appointments appropriately. The more information you can give when booking, the easier it is to triage.

We also hope to offer video consultations with software called NearMe at some point in the near future. We will let you know more about this service when it becomes available


We are now making further changes to how you request and receive your prescriptions.

Please request your prescription by 12:00 noon at least 1 week before you need it. This is for various reasons.

• It give us time to order and prepare your prescriptions given some supply shortages and changes to our supply chains
• There have been changes to ferry times, so all our drug orders now arrive in the afternoon
• You will now receive 2 months worth of medication to reduce the need for people to come out as often.

You can REQUEST a prescription in the following ways:

1 EMAIL (Preferred Option) to
– Either photograph your completed request form and send it as an attachment
– Type out in full what items you would like including drug strengths

– We will confirm your request once we receive it

2 TELEPHONE (for those with no internet access) Tel: 01700 811207.
– Please call between 10.30am and 12.30pm to request by telephone. This is a time consuming option for staff as we try to ensure safe practices. We also need to keep the early mornings for appointment calls only, thank you.

NB In line with updated pharmacy guidance we are NO LONGER able to accept paper prescription requests. Please DO NOT post any further requests to us.


New pharmacy guidance is that all prescriptions are to be delivered to patients directly, reducing the number of people out and about as well as the number of people coming to the surgery who are well.

We have local volunteer groups who are set up and ready deliver scripts for us. Some people have used these services already and it is working very well.

Therefore, unless you inform us otherwise we will automatically deliver your prescription once it is ready. We hope that as many as possible will make use of the delivery service as this is the best way to keep everyone well.

Please note also that any mail posted in our external post box cannot be opened for 24 hours.

Once again, THANK YOU all for understanding the need for the above measures. These will help towards keeping everyone safe and well in our patient community.



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