Colintraive & Glendaruel Community Council invite residents to give their views on second and holiday homes

The Colintraive and Glendaruel Community Council are holding a special discussion for local residents in order to hear their views on the building of new properties, and the sale of existing properties, as second or holiday homes.

The discussion will take place as part of the ordinary Community Council Meeting to be held in the Colintraive Village Hall  at 7.30 pm on Monday 3rd April.

Speaking after the February meeting of the Community Council had decided on the initiative, Charles Dixon -Spain the CGCC Convener said :

The Community Council as a statutory consultee sees applications for a range of developments including new build holiday homes. We are also aware of the increasing purchase of local properties by people who will only occupy them for short periods during the year.   

“We want to see a thriving tourist economy in our area but we are also aware of the pressure on existing housing stock and a growth in new build for holiday rental which can affect the provision of local services , price properties way out of reach of  local people, especially local young people , whilst not contributing to the long term benefit of the community.

“Accordingly we would like to hear from local residents about these matters so that we can develop a policy for the community council which is informed by local views. 

“There is no magic answer to these pressures which are being experienced across Scotland and in much of rural England and Wales as well. However I am sure we all want to secure sustainable communities in this area which balance  the welcome presence of visitors with the needs of full time residents  and which, in so doing, can secure local services such as the school, the post office and current bus links.
“We will therefore devote much of our meeting in April to this topic and we hope local people will turn out and take part in a positive and courteous discussion of this important topic.”