Below the documents for download and consulting by Colglen community members referred to during CGCC meetings:

CGCC Application form for funding up to £1,000 maximum

3 September 2018 letter Infinergy re Ardtaraig Wind Farm Community Benefit
Ardtaraig Wind Farm Visual impact panels
Ardtaraig Wind Farm text panels presentation
Ardtaraig Wind Farm Scoping Report November 2016 Final

Camquhart LTFP

February 15, 2016 Meeting:
Colintraive and Rhubodach Slipways Reconstruction – CMAL presentation
A&BC Budget approved 11 February 2016

Argyll and Bute Integration Newsletter December 2015 – Issue 6

Argyll and Bute Integration Newsletter February 2016 – Issue 7

October 26, 2015 Meeting:
Argyll and Bute Financial Harm Even Thursday 26 November 2015

September 26, 2015 Meeting:
Argyll and Bute Integration Newsletter September 2015 – Issue 5
Public Consultation A&B Council cuts
A&BC Service Choices Report – Appendix 1

June 22, 2015 Meeting:
Argyll and Bute Integration Newsletter May 2015 – Issue 4
Argyll and Bute Integration Newsletter March 2015 – Issue 3
Argyll and Bute Integration Newsletter December 2014 – Issue 2

February 23, 2015 Meeting:
A. Proposed A&BC Development Plan covering Colglen area
B. Ardentraive Hydro Scheme Briefing Note
C. Argyll Voluntary Action presentation about Integration:

January 19,2015 Meeting:
Issue letter to A&BC  with reference to the growing concern in our area about the continuing decline in population here and across Argyll & Bute.

October and November 2014 Meetings
Foundation Scotland Achanelid Community Turbines Consultation Leaflet

November 3, 2014 special meeting
CMAL – Ferry slips repair presentation

June 27, 2014 Special Meeting
Ardentraive Hydro Scheme Community Presentation