Petition: Stop the CLM


Please find below a link to a petition below which is being led by Dalmally Parent Council. They are requesting a stop to the Collective Leadership proposal process and for the process to be restarted, and the conversation to be started again. Good consultation is fair/equitable, it is transparent, evidence based (should include risk assessments/cost analysis etc.), it should be balanced and what is proposed should “do no harm” to our communities. Without the relevant evidence and balance of information we have know way of knowing if this will “do harm” to our communities, schools, staff, young learners, way of life now and in the future.

Good consultation records and respects all views.

There is a desire for all groups to work positively together with the Council to find the best possible outcomes for our schools, staff, pupils, communities etc.

Please can you share the petition with parents if possible, thank you.