Colglen Community Council Meeting
Monday June 18, 2018
Glendaruel Village Hall at 7.30pm

Tentative Agenda Community Council AGM

    1. Apologies for absence
    2. Declarations of interest
    3. Minutes 15 May 2017 AGM
    4. Convenor’s Report
    5. Treasurer’s Report
    6. Election of Office Bearers
    7. Dates of Meetings
    8. Next AGM


Tentative Agenda Community Council Meeting

      1. Apologies for Absence
      2. Declarations of Interest
      3. Minutes of last meeting
      4. Police update
      5. Co-option of two additional community councillors being:
        1. Danuta Steedman
        2. Tom Mowat
      6. Development Trust Update
      7. KCB Update
      8. Councillor’s report
      9. Health and Social Care update
      10. Planning
      11. Scotland Resilient Communities Fund
      12. Defibrilator Colintraive Village Hall
      13. WWI
      14. A.O.B.
      15. Next Meeting


Residents of Colintraive and Glendaruel, who want to bring a matter to the attention of the Colglen Community Council, can do so through the contact page

Hope to see you all